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Trust The Process

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A Patient’s Recovery Story


I love running – ask anyone who knows me. So, when faced with a second ACL recovery, I knew there was a good bit of hard work ahead. The days after surgery would be the toughest but most important. But I was keenly aware it would be a long haul – one in which often you take three steps then two steps back. The key is recognizing that it still leaves you one step ahead and having a support team who helps support and yes, push through the tough days.

Over the years, I have had physical therapists (PTs) tell me not to push or leave me to work with a PT Aide. They clearly didn’t pay attention to my needs, my driving nature, and my zest to try and take on more. Team Davis got it and worked with me in “my” way – not Joe’s way, not Mary’s way. They let me push when I could and found solutions when I could not, recognizing I was a patient who liked to press a little harder than most. At Davis PTSR, data is a big part of the rehabilitation, using the information along with my own feedback to adapt therapy accordingly and give new meaning to a “personalized” treatment plan.

What really stands out is there is no hidden agenda when working with Team Davis. If you work hard and do your “homework,” the results will happen. Amid the long days, weeks and months, they also toss in a bit of sarcasm and fun, further motivating me (and probably other) patients to EXPECT MORE and achieve your goals.

Returning back to where this story began… I love running. It is my #1 sport and if it had not been for Andrea, Antoinette and Team Davis, I would not be clipping miles on the road and trail each day. They do more than care. They offer more than cutting-edge techniques. They understand an athlete’s mentality and are relentless in their craft. Today, my knee and legs are strong, so I am able to do what I enjoy most – RUN. See you on the track.

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