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A Patient’s Recovery Story


To say golf is a big part of my life is rather an understatement. I have been playing since the age of 12 and spent five (5) years as a PGA Golf Professional. To say I love to play is no exaggeration. So, when diagnosed with sciatica two years ago, I set out on a relentless quest to find a way that would have me back on the greens.

My first signs of pain started about 10 years ago – a stiff back while golfing that progressed as I headed to the back nine. Several attempts with chiropractic treatment provided only moderate relief. However, when I began to get a sharp, debilitating pain in the right side of my buttocks, I could no longer stand for extended periods of time or walk far before my foot would become numb. Playing golf was not enjoyable or, at times, possible. The diagnosis – sciatica. 

After two impersonal, unfocused, and ultimately unsuccessful programs at other physical therapy facilities, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Andrea Davis, who had become a Medford Village Country Club member. My path to recovery was in sight.

Walking into Davis PTSR I recognized the difference right away. Every member of the team was attentive, personable, and professional; the facility was new, clean, and filled with all the latest equipment. Dr. Davis took to my care personally and did my initial evaluation before introducing me to Chris, who explained the treatment and exercise regimen. When Tyler, a golf enthusiast and amateur player, came on board Team Davis, he took me under his care. His understanding of the mechanics and muscles needed to execute a good and proper golf swing spoke volumes as he fine-tuned my treatment. The tailor-made plan fit to my game further enhanced the already positive progress. 

Today, life is good! I have no pain or numbness when standing, walking, and, yes, playing golf. The service and attention provided at Davis PTSR are beyond the norm. See you on the back nine.

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