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Trust The Process

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A Patient’s Story

Knee Replacement Take Two

Knee Replacement

From the very first day, it was clear … I was in the right hands. Not only was the Davis PT team experienced, but the therapists were also really interested in me and my progress. While “pushy” may often be viewed negatively, for me, it was proof they knew the best way to get the job done and done right. So after my second knee replacement, I returned to Davis PT, knowing the team would have me back to my favorite activities quickly and safely.

Pain was a given; I knew that from before. But again, it was the attention paid to the pain combined with the "push" to keep going a little further that helped me keep the goal in sight – to get the extension value to "0" or flat, have the flexion value (bent knee) target at 120 degrees and strengthen both the quadriceps and hamstrings to walk without limping.

Bend the knee - straighten the knee - then bend the knee again. With every visit, I could see (or more likely feel) the progress. This was true no matter whom I worked with on the Davis DT team. I was monitored continuously, and new or extra exercises were added at the appropriate time to reach and exceed my goals.

Today, I continue to improve even once my formal PT has been completed. After about three months, I am climbing stairs, walking without a noticeable limp and can sit or stand comfortably for periods of time. Admittedly some days are worse than others, but they are fewer and by my 6-month mark, I cannot think of any activity that will be out of reach.

When you walk around the Davis PT facility, it is hard to miss the inspirational slogans and signs … "Hate me now, thank me later." "Hard work pays off." These are just two, but all are true. If you put in the effort, the outcome will be better, and you can really expect more.

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