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Trust The Process

A Patient’s Recovery Story


How do I describe Team Davis? That’s easy – caring, concerned and sensitive. 

I had been suffering from brief but intense bouts of dizziness and after waking one morning with an unbearable and significant episode, I was taken to the ER. It was there that I first heard about Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Despite the doctors’ reassurances that the condition wasn’t serious, it was clear (at least to me) vertigo was having a tremendous impact on my life. With the hospital neurologist’s prescription for physical therapy, I left the hospital both scared and apprehensive. 

Would I have to live with this debilitating sense of spinning? Could PT provide relief for the dizziness? Where do I find a doctor who not only had experience in treating vertigo but who could relate to my fear? The search was on, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate – Davis PTSR was the closest practice to my home. 

Day one, I was still very scared, but that subsided when I met Dr. Timmons (Taylor). She did more than listen but heard me. Taylor also spoke to me in a language that I could understand – educating me on BPPV and the treatment path best suited for my condition. This included performing what I learned is called the Epley maneuver, which was able to treat and resolve the dizziness within 1-2 sessions. I couldn’t believe it. 

Today, I feel great and know I can expect more days of good health and happiness.

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