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COVID-19 Response

Patient safety and quality treatment remains our number one priority

Davis PTSR was very quick to move when COVID-19 threatened the country. Dr. Davis and her team held a meeting on March 12, 2020 to discuss and plan action that would account for all active and future patients.


Our game plan included:

  • We called each patient and discussed how we would conduct in-office visits as well as began offering telehealth.

  • We converted all in-office physical therapy programs to viable home programs just in case patients wanted to transition to at-home telehealth.

  • We assembled home "kits" that consisted of equipment needed to complete PT in the home. These kits included physioballs, therabands, weights and portable bikes.

  • Extra equipment was ordered as needed.

  • Personalized programs and home kits were personally delivered by our staff to every Davis PTSR patient.

For in-office visits:

  • We began taking temperatures at the door.​

  • We cut staffing down to only essential personnel.

  • We clean everything anyone touches throughout the day.

  • Staff wear masks, gloves and goggles.

  • The schedule is spread out to allow for more time in-between appointments, reducing the number of patients in the office at any given time.

  • In May 2020, we converted our upstairs technology suite into a second PT office to allow for better spacing.


Patient and employee safety have and will continue to be our number one priority. We are proud to say that we never closed. We were also able to maintain all operations without adjusting any salary or benefit offering to our team.

We have demonstrated what it means to truly function as a team. The Davis PTSR staff has adjusted and shifted as needed to maintain the highest quality of care. They work hard every day to keep you safe and get you the physical therapy you need.


Patient safety and quality treatment remains our number one priority

If you prefer to stay home, Davis PTSR has you covered! 

We have been offering telehealth PT visits since March 2020. Our clinicians are experts in evaluating your needs over the computer or tablet. During the early stages of COVID, Davis PTSR served as a consultant for clinics across the country in how to adapt and apply telehealth. We have become extremely proficient in the execution and application of PT services via virtual appointment.

We will provide you with an expert evaluation, comprehensive home program, equipment, and access to the same PT for each of your visits. You will have everything you need to be successful in your recovery. We provide a smooth transition from in-office to telehealth as well as telehealth to in-office. During these uncertain times, it is important that you feel comfortable and confident with how your rehab is handled. We take that responsibility very seriously. We work hard every day to ensure we are following all recommended precautions to keep you safe and get you back on your feet!

Have questions?  Want to learn more?

We can get you back on track!

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