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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A Patient’s Story — Severe and Frequent Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

To say I feel like a new person could not be a truer statement. Years of bad posture, poor body mechanics, and weak core strength led to lower back pain, severe and frequent enough that it impacted the quality of my life. Many of the activities I once enjoyed were no longer pleasurable – in fact, quite the opposite. I was having trouble lifting my son, carrying out my job, and living a productive life. Finally, I decided to see an orthopedic doctor who suggested physical therapy treatment and recommended Davis PTSR. If I recall, the words he used … “without a doubt” when naming a practice.

Even with my doctor’s glowing referral, I was skeptical that any PT would be able to help. My vision … an ice or heating pack, some exercises for home, and I would be on my way without a real sense of relief. Well, I was wrong. It was clear from day one that Team Davis really cared. Yes, the facility is organized. Yes, the staff is professional. Yes, they have cutting-edge equipment. However, it was (or is) the knowledge and expertise combined with empathy and compassion that made the difference. Knowing that my lead therapist Chris had been through two back surgeries himself, I was in good (and the right) hands.

The process itself was straightforward. I was able to call and get an appointment that week for an initial evaluation. Chris assessed my back pain and went over the treatment plan specific to my body and condition. The first couple of sessions involved working on proper body mechanics, using heat pads, and learning a few movements to help alleviate the pain. As the pain lessened, we began working to build my core strength through a variety of methods, including planks and a tailored core program.

Today I feel great and have come such a long way. Chris and Team Davis are really focused, setting goals and working with me to achieve them. They really have changed my life, and I honestly have zero back pain!

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