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Trust The Process

A Patient’s Recovery Story


I’ve had a history of back and gait-related issues for as long as I can remember. An abnormal walking pattern led to numerous attempts at treatment and even an operation on my feet to address bunions. The result: An endless cause-and-effect cycle and bouts of physical therapy to relieve and hopefully resolve the pain. What I learned was that the key involved strengthening my back, hips and knees.


When my doctor referred me to Davis PTSR, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. It wasn’t my first go around with PT, after all, yet from my first call and initial visit, I could tell this group was different.


The treatment plan – or should I say “my” treatment plan – was comprehensive and more importantly, individualized specifically for me. My body + My condition + My goals = My recovery. At each visit, every exercise, technique or equipment used was fully explained. I was never in the dark. Not only did I know how each was weaved into the overall plan, but my progress was evaluated as well. This continuous and positive reinforcement went a long way in building confidence and seeing the hard work was paying off.


Respect is really important and it’s a word I find myself using time and again when speaking of Team Davis. My sessions were never hurried; my scheduling was always considered. I would be remiss not to recognize everyone’s kindness and compassion. I was always asked how I felt and there was no doubt they had my health and safety in mind. Lastly, it came down to trust, and Team Davis has mine.


I’ll end with this… I am confident in my ability to work through the pain and live my best life!

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