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Styku™ 3D Body Scanner — The more you know, the better you feel.

As summer approaches, many individuals are dedicated to prioritizing their health and wellness goals, aiming to feel confident and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To effectively establish and achieve these objectives, it is crucial to equip yourself with the necessary tools and strategies. You can set practical and attainable targets by aligning your goals with the essential lifestyle changes required. Davis PTSR is here to provide the perfect support for your transformative journey!


The Styku™ 3D Body Scanner is an amazing tool that provides comprehensive body composition data, including body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and more. It extracts accurate measurements of one’s waist, hips, chest, and arms and features a health risk predictor and caloric consumption tracker. A revolution in body scanning, this data is personalized and can provide an outline to properly plan to implement sustainable, healthier habits. But it goes one step further … Styku™ helps keep you accountable and on track for your goals.  


How does it work?

The Styku™ 3D Body Scanner captures data non-invasively using an infrared camera in only thirty-five seconds and then creates a profile with the full report within moments. This baseline is used to track your progress effortlessly by comparing future scans to monitor changes in the 3D model, calculating and plotting changes on a graph in an easy-to-read format. Rather than relying solely on a scale to measure your weight, Styku™ gives you far more detailed information. See the reduction in body fat and gains in lean muscle. You will be able to easily gauge the changes in the waist, hips, and other circumferences. The result is more than physical. With this bigger confidence boost, staying on track towards your goals is even easier.


What are my first steps?

Improving nutrition is always tough and every “body” is different. Two people may be the exact same height and weight, but each composition is strikingly different. Therefore, getting your personal baseline measurements is key to start. Next, it is important to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which accounts for 60-75% of your total energy expenditure, to determine the daily caloric intake needed to maintain your current weight. Using this information, we can adjust the number of calories consumed each day based on your level of exercise and ultimate goals. 


The good news is you don’t need a calculator or a course in calculus. The Styku™ software does the calculations for you. Enter a fat loss goal and the number of times you exercise weekly. Based on those factors alone, it gives you a target date to reach that end. Then it is on you to continue the choice of exercise, maintain the caloric intake and yes, stick to it. When the target date nears, you’ll check in with us for a follow-up scan, track progress and modify as needed to keep yourself accountable.  


It's not all about appearances.

The purpose of a Styku™ scan is not only aesthetics; its value is far deeper and more impactful. The tool features a Health Risk tab that utilizes data from the World Health Organization (WHO) to help improve one’s overall health. 


With 92% accuracy, Styku™ can predict Metabolic Syndrome – a condition that can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and type II diabetes. It can also predict the risk of cancer plus respiratory, cardiovascular, and other diseases using waist circumference measurements. Other health concerns, such as bone-related diseases like osteoporosis, can be monitored by tracking bone density. While body fat measurements are succinctly divided into android, gynoid, visceral and subcutaneous, to evaluate the distribution and identify areas of concern associated with disease risk, obesity and high blood pressure. 


Accountability made easy.

Greater awareness helps you take charge of your physical health and wellness. 


The data available with the Styku™ 3D Body Scan can be life-changing in just three minutes. Create realistic, attainable targets you can manage and track easily — all with one true end goal: better and healthier habits to minimize health risks before it is too late.

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