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A Patient’s Story

Severe Stress Fractures

I was referred to Davis PTSR by my soccer coach for rehabilitation of my right and left tibial stress fractures. Having never had an injury that sidelined me from playing soccer for several months, I was nervous and did not know what to expect.

From my very first visit, Team Davis put me at ease. But they did more than make me feel comfortable; they showed a genuine concern for helping me get back on the field. What really stood out was the clear outline of expectations over the few months ahead and how technology, such as blood flow restriction and the AlterG treadmill, would be incorporated into my rehabilitation.

Looking back to my right stress fracture, I had been rehabbing with my school trainers and making little progress. On day one at Davis PTSR, I was still experiencing a great deal of discomfort when running, and I feared my work at school had possibly worsened the injury. After taking me through a series of tests, including running on the AlterG and other exercises, they reassured me that everything would be good once I had the right treatment plan.

My second stress fracture was a bit different as I was confined to a boot for the beginning of treatment. As a result, my plan called for the use of blood flow restriction therapy to maintain and strengthen the muscles in my left leg. I thrived on the challenge because the pressure made my leg feel really heavy and fatigued without actually putting stress on my tibia. Once out of the boot, I began returning to run on the AlterG and slowly progressed to reach 80% of my body weight before starting the “return to run” program.

Today, I feel fantastic and have not experienced any further problems with my tibias since completing rehab. I am stronger on the field, particularly in my core, since that was a key focus during rehab. Additionally, I have been following the exercise recommendations provided by Team Davis to help strengthen the areas of my body that were shown to be weaker.

In one word, my experience with Davis PTSR was excellent. From the initial welcome to the use of cutting-edge technology and the unconditional caring even after completing my treatment, Team Davis truly goes above and beyond what is expected.

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