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Analytics for Athletes

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Analytics for Athletes

Empowering athletes to perform at their best

Did you know …

  • More than 3.5M kids under 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year

  • Overuse injuries account for nearly 50% of sports injuries to middle and high school athletes

  • Advances in technology can help prevent injury while maximizing athletic performance

In sports, fundamentals matter, as does having a uniquely personal baseline when treating athletes. At Davis PTSR, we remain at the forefront by marrying the use of traditional PT techniques with advanced technology for both individuals and teams. Specifically, we believe:

Alignment and stability promote strength --> Strength promotes power --> Power drives performance

By targeting alignment and stability, we help athletes build a strong core, which allows them to maximize every workout, every drill and every rep. The results are real - higher confidence, optimal performance and fewer injuries. Sounds great but until put into action, these are just words.

Developed and launched by Dr. Davis in June 2019, Analytics for Athletes is a cutting-edge program to identify and target both individual and team-aggregated athlete deficiencies in order to maximize athletic performance and prevent injury. It has four key goals:

  • Create core stability

  • Prevent injury

  • Avoid overuse

  • Enhance Performance

In a nutshell, Analytics for Athletes combines the hands-on expertise of Team Davis and the various advanced technology used at Davis PTSR to measure the human body's movement, run analytics and provide personalized individual assessments. Specifically, the real-time objective data produced is used to:

  • Assess injury risk

  • Guide interventions

  • Create smarter rehabilitation and exercise plans

  • Track results

But Analytics for Athletes is not solely for individuals; it is an invaluable tool for teams and coaches.

Just like in many sports, a team is a group of athletes, each with their own skills and deficiencies. Having the ability to recognize how players’ strengths and weaknesses can be used in tandem. Analytics for Athletes was developed with this in mind and has been implemented in various schools and clubs where coaches incorporate this analytic data into individual and team protocols or drills.

The value was clear virtually from day one. In the same year it was launched, Analytics for Athletes became the first injury prevention program in New Jersey contracted and paid for by a school district. The results speak for themselves, with Burlington Township High School seeing a reduction in non-contact injuries by over 25%.


How does Analytics for Athletes work?

Step 1: TEST

​Test using DorsaVi wireless technology in less than two (2) minutes.


​Analyze individual and team data to identify weaknesses and deficiencies.


​Create and share a protocol that addresses problem areas at the individual and/or team level.

Step 4: RETEST

​Retest, analyze results and update protocol accordingly. Repeat annually.

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