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"Andrea (Dr. Davis) is just all around AWESOME. Andrea has worked with my daughter with sports training for several years now and when my daughter has needed PT, Andrea has been there to rehab her back to playing. Coming home from practice one evening my daughter was hurting from back spasms and I called Andrea and she didn't hesitate to open a spot for her immediately. Andrea spends the time to listen and really cares for you. She works hard to get you back to enjoying life. Andrea is also a great softball instructor. She gives expert training and builds high level skills with personal attention. She built a bond with our daughter that you can't buy." - Mike A.

I could not imagine going anywhere else. Andrea is awesome. You get personal and caring attention. 

- Cathy R.

Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

"Andrea and her team are always incredible supportive and pay attention to all your needs! They work with you and your needs while still pushing you to get stronger each and every visit. I have never left Davis PT disappointed!" - Kayla

"I can’t say enough good things about Andrea Davis and the entire staff. They were phenomenal at helping my daughter progress through the last phase of recovery after her surgery from an ACL tear. As she prepares to leave for her first year at college, we are both comfortable knowing that she now has the tools she needs to be able to continue to work on her own and even stop in on her breaks for a quick workout. Thank you so much!!" - Linda B.

"I had visited chiropractors and physical therapist before to correct poor posture from working over drafting board with no progress. Dr. Davis got me 100% better in a few weeks and gave me a program to maintain it. I look better and feel much better beyond anything I thought possible after so many years slouched!" - Dan S.


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"It’s been 4 months since surgery, I am back to a fairly normal life and happy to have it. I'm thankful for all the well wishes and help I received. Most of all, just happy to be pain free again! I still have a long road ahead but it will soon be behind me, because I'm running, biking or hiking! Can't wait for spring now! And a big thanks to Andrea for her work." - Evan M.

"Awesome staff that makes PT and rehab from surgery fun. I felt comfortable and challenged every minute." - John D.

“I can't say enough great things about Andrea - she knew exactly what was wrong with my daughter's rotator cuff and personally worked with her every session. She takes the time to work with every patient. She gets to know each and everyone personally. It is not an assembly line PT office- she truly cares about her patients and will take the time after hours to help if she can.” - Lisa W.

“I cannot say enough good things about Andrea! My daughter has been going to her for a few years and we will never see anyone else! She is everything you expect and more. Her genuine care and concern for all her patients and clients can be recognized immediately. We have worked with other physical therapists over the years to combat my daughter’s problems but no one has connected to my daughter like Andrea has and the therapy she receives is outstanding. Her personality and service  delivery are impeccable. But most importantly, to have witnessed the growth in my daughter from Andrea's expertise is amazing and I couldn't thank her enough!” - Holly M.

"The entire team is amazing. They are all very patient and helpful with great personalities. They don't just focus on getting you better quick, they focus on getting you better the right way. I can't say enough nice things about this team. It was a blessing to be introduced to them." - Tina

Andrea is great! Not that anyone "wants" to need rehab, but if you do, this is the place to go for it! 

- Brook G.