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Athletes dealing with sports injuries all have one thing in common - the season doesn’t end when you get hurt. Players want to play. End of discussion. We want our players to play, but we also want them to be safe. Whether it's softball, baseball, basketball, field hockey, football or any one of a dozen other sports, we work with each patient to customize both a treatment and return-to-play plan. Our goal is to make you stronger and healthier.

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Before their professional career, Dr. Davis & Dr Kovalenko were collegiate athletes. They take various approaches to sports injury treatment. They have been through the rehabilitation process after field hockey, basketball and softball injuries. Dr. Davis had shoulder surgery in graduate school after her athletic career ended so she didn’t miss any playing time.

They understand what you’re going through, and having been through multiple recovery processes, and treated hundreds of patients with specifically tailored plans for recovery, can recommend the best treatment plan for you.