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Trust The Process

A Patient’s Recovery Story


To say there are a number of physical therapy practices may be an understatement. What I can say is they are not all the same. You see and hear the words “Expect More” a lot which to me means… you should expect better staff, facilities, care, treatment and customer service. At Davis PTSR, you can expect all that and more, and they deliver on it. It’s clear from the moment you enter – every team member is friendly. The facility is spotless, with no shortage of tables and equipment. And that’s just on the surface.


So, here’s my story… On day one, I walked in with a big, fat and sore knee after having meniscus surgery on it two (2) weeks prior. The prognosis was a 3- to 6-week recovery and I felt nowhere close to being rehabilitated. Disheartening is the only way to describe my state of mind.


In the weeks that followed, the progress was steady – an occasional setback when a new technique was introduced, followed by significant leaps forward. I remember when René first added “scraping” to help in the injury healing process, my knee was incredibly sore, but within a week, it felt significantly better. What I quickly learned was that sometimes you have to trust the process, and Davis PTSR made that easy. Today, my range of motion has improved, as has my strength, so much so that I have recently gone back to walking and bicycling longer distances.


I began here by describing my first impressions of Davis PTSR, which are all still true. However, when asked now, the three words come to mind – engaged, supportive and nimble. Not only was Team Davis greatly engaged in my progress, but they also kept me focused day in and day out. Their support and encouragement along the way have been beyond reproach. But “nimble” is my favorite descriptor.  René is excellent at “changing things up” to keep progress moving. Her motivation to challenge me and try alternative techniques has really made a difference. Might I add that it has turned the pain into fun – yes, fun. 


Go ahead, expect more with Davis PTSR. You won’t be disappointed.

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