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Trust The Process

A Patient’s Recovery Story


I know it’s taboo to read the end of a story first. However, I can’t help it and have to start by saying… I feel so much better.


After suffering a combination of shoulder rotator cuff, bicep, and pectoral tears, there was no doubt I had hard work ahead of me. As luck would have it, a co-worker recommended Davis PTSR – something I am thankful for every day and for countless reasons. Yes, the team was welcoming. Yes, I was made to feel comfortable and at ease. Yes, the facility was state-of-the-art. But at Davis PTSR, it is something more. It is the continual encouragement and positive reassurance that not only provide an unshakeable hope but also the drive to expect and do more.


“Trust the process” is the perfect way to describe how I felt when working with Dr. Antoinette and Team Davis as a whole. Mobility was first and the staff worked tirelessly side-by-side with me, sharing key dos and don’ts. In doing so, I was able to avoid further complicating my condition or adversely impacting my progress. The combined use of hands-on techniques with advanced technology was undoubtedly a difference-maker in my treatment. Specifically, Blood Flow Restriction therapy has helped tremendously, and Dr. Antoinette’s well-rounded, personalized program ensured the best possible treatment.


Often you hear claims of “treating the whole patient” but at Davis PTSR those are words they live by with a dedication to full rehabilitation – one that extends beyond physical care but the psychological wear and tear of recovering from injury.


Back to where I began … I feel so much better with the return of my range of motion and strength. So yes, it is hard work but if you listen to your doctor, the results will follow.


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