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Trust The Process

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

A Patient’s Recovery Story

fractured hip

It is hard to imagine a loss of independence until faced with it. For me, it came as a result of a heart attack and

fall, in which I fractured my hip and pelvis. I was in inpatient rehabilitation for a good amount of time, and while they got me on my feet, it was clear that improving my balance would be key to ever really recovering from the injuries. When the time came to go home, physical therapy was part of the prescribed care. My daughter’s ex-husband had been to Davis PTSR previously and insisted it was the place for me. It was comfortable knowing I would be in good hands – an understatement, I might add.

A lack of confidence is the best way to describe what I was feeling at the time. Yes, there was discomfort in my hips and pelvis, but it was the poor balance that had me scared. I was afraid to try new things, including activities that, in the past, were a breeze. The thought of moving about without a walker was intimidating. In short, I did not feel independent even in my own home.

As with any recovery, I knew it would take time, and this was no different. However, working with Davis PTSR, it was clear my plan of care was just that – mine. It was developed based on my strengths, weaknesses, and injury specifics. The process and progress were gradual, but I always could see improvement with every visit. I never felt pressured to push beyond what I was able

to do, and there was always a member of Team Davis beside me each step of the way. Taylor offered tremendous reassurance, so I was less and less afraid while more and more confident to try new things. Today, I have traded in my walker for the most part and can use my cane to walk with little or no fear.

Davis PTSR made me feel it was ok to EXPECT MORE. Their kindness and caring are genuine, and their expertise and knowledge are beyond reproach. But it was the level of understanding as Team Davis that helped rebuild my confidence that truly stands out and how they helped me face trying new “things” with far less fear. In fact, I welcome such challenges now.

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