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Trust The Process

A Patient’s Recovery Story

Generally, you don’t start a story with “the end” but in my case, I can’t help to say… I feel great! This is something months ago I wasn’t sure would be possible after shattering my fibula and tearing ligaments in my ankle, which resulted in having ORIF surgery and a cast for six weeks.

I learned about Davis PTSR when our son needed PT years ago and his pediatrician referred us to the practice. Team Davis was amazing then and I followed in his shoes without hesitation. There was nowhere else I wanted to go; there was no other group that I wanted to treat me.

Despite knowing I’d be in good hands, I was still scared. My ankle was very sore and really swollen. From Becky at the front desk to my initial work with Chris, I was put at ease. But more than making me feel comfortable, Chris had such patience and understanding. My treatment plan first called for stretching and some simple exercises. I then moved on to the use of AlterG, which allowed me to walk and expand to different exercises without putting full body weight on my ankle.

Eventually, I had to take a hiatus from PT and have follow-up surgery to remove some of the initially placed metal in my ankle. Returning to rehab, I was once again apprehensive, especially with the use of blood flow restriction therapy. It became clear very quickly that there was no reason to be nervous. BFR was truly so helpful, and I was able to measure and see an improved range of motion after each session.

As I put my experience in writing, my ankle is so much better. Not only can I walk, I’m back to about two miles a day. No one wants to need PT but if you do, Team Davis will have you back on your feet – literally.

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