Now offering professional massage geared towards the active professional as well as athletes.

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Our board certified and professionally licensed massage therapist, David Hric is educated in various massage techniques including ART, deep tissue, deep pressure, trigger point release, relaxation techniques and more.  

Therapeutic Sports Massage:  Uses a variety of massage techniques such as stretching, mobilization, and active release therapy designed to flush out stagnant blood and target specific muscles to help your body feel less restricted. This is targeted to athletes with acute or chronic pain but is also great for those with active lifestyles looking for a more up beat massage.

Massage Therapy Packages

Deep Tissue Massage:Catered to your preference of pressure, this type of massage is designed to remove severe tension and reduce pain. Deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve muscles and free up connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and elicit a healing response to injuries below the surface.

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