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Identifying the Pattern

The pattern of complaints that are experienced prior to a severe back pain episode are very familiar. Ask any one of our patients that have been treated over the past few months and they will describe almost the exact same scenario.

Here is an example of typical back pain progression,

In reality,  your back has been slowly getting ready to “go out” much sooner than you may realize. There is often a pattern of discomfort that occurs prior to the severe episode. This pattern of symptoms and sometimes pain, if managed appropriately, can be treated effectively without ever having to experience horrible, debilitating pain.


I just went to reach for something on the floor and my back went out.

Beware of these common symptoms

All I did was bend over to tie my shoe.

Back Pain

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Improve Your Posture. No matter what the cause of your pain, posture ALWAYS comes into play. Protect yourself by staying in good posture. Don’t know what good posture feels like? Usually it can be described as standing with your ears over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hips and your hips over your ankles. It may sound easy, however, over time these simple tasks can become more challenging. Using a mirror can assist in making good corrections. Try it consistently and see how you feel!

Targeted Exercises. There are 3 basic exercises that continue to be the basis of EVERY SINGLE lower back pain rehab/exercise program we prescribe. They are the foundation from which we build our core strength program. Scapular retraction, pelvic tilts and gentle lower trunk rotations have the majority of patients feeling amazingly better within just a few days. 

Low back pain is both annoying and complicated if not handled appropriately. Dr. Davis has spent over 18 years evaluating and treating these symptoms and complaints. A thorough evaluation by a licensed, experienced clinical practitioner will help speed up your recovery process. You do not need to see a physician prior to seeing a physical therapist.

First I noticed a little bit of an ache after I was driving, walking, standing, etc. It only lasted for a little while and then it went away. I didn’t think anything of it. Then I noticed it began to happen almost every time I drove, walked, stood, or squatted. Instead of going away quickly now it hung around for a few days, slowly, dissipating. Now I have this awful, constant, grabbing, throbbing pain in my back and buttock that will not go away. All I did was bend over to pick up my son / grand daughter and the sharp pain took my breath away. Now I cannot move hardly at all.

Low back pain is no fun. It is a very common reason people take time off from work. Most severe episodes can be prevented. Although it may appear to have a sudden onset, most often severe back pain gives warning signs over weeks and sometimes even months. Common complaints include

Achiness along the lower back region, usually just above the beltline
Buttock soreness
Intermittent but fairly annoying pain in the back, buttock or upper thigh
Intermittent and seemingly inconsistent numbness in buttock or leg
Progressive lingering of symptoms from hours to days